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Epäviralliset Parkinson Padel -maailmanmestaruuskisat Koldingissa Tanskassa

Pelaatko padelia? Nyt on mahdollisuus osallistua epävirallisiin maailmanmestaruuskisoihin Tanskassa 3 .-  5.5.2024. Lue lisää alta ja ilmoittaudu. Järjestäjä maksaa ruokailut. Majoitus on sisähallin viereisessä ’urheiluhotellissa’.

Dear all,
It is with great joy that I announce the opening of registration for the unofficial Parkinson Padel world championships 3/5 May 2024 in Kolding Denmark. I write to you to ask for your help with distribution of this message to potential Parkinson Padel players in your country who might be interested in participating. This message relates in principle to all individuals with Parkinson but is most relevant to us with young onset diagnosis.

To make it as equal and fair as possible we will play in two classifications:
Class A (16 pairs)
I have a normal or only slight movement disorder when walking
I am able to run and move around the court with ease
I don’t have a tendency to fall
I play Padel regularly (have played more than 20/25 times)

Class B (8 pairs)
I have some movement disorder when I walk
I can move around the court but not 100 %
I am able to pick up the ball from the court
I don’t fall when I stand
I am a beginner (I’ve played a few times)

Women’s tournament (8 pairs)
All players in the same category

We trust that all participants will self evaluate fairly, and the organisers waive any claims of personal injury caused by participating. The event will take place in a brand new indoor arena with all the amenities you can think of. Adjacent to the arena is the sport hotel where players stay in double rooms. All meals will be provided to the participants.
The closest airport is Billund (BLL) only 45 minutes away from the venue. Kolding is 1 hour drive from the German border and 2 hours from Copenhagen.

Best regards,
Morten Gunvad 004540989832 gunvad@hotmail.com

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